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RUE "Pinsky CSMS" is a dynamically developing, modern and demanded enterprise in the region, where highly qualified specialists work.  
 Our work is directly related to such areas as metrology, technical regulation and confirmation of conformity (declaration and certification), testing of food and agricultural products and environmental measurements.
 It is these areas of activity that play an important role in the formation of an economically sustainable position in the Republic of Belarus. Strict adherence to the requirements of TNLA in the production of products and the provision of services will allow achieving high-quality results in any field of activity. This will have a positive effect on the competitiveness of the goods of domestic companies. (read more)

Field of activity
CSMS is a subordinate organization of the State Standard of the Republic of Belarus. The center's activities include various areas:
Take a leading position in the market of services provided in the field of metrology, testing of food and agricultural products, certification and standardization, using modern methods and technologies